Is Buying Amazon Stock a Good Idea

amazon stockShould you buy Amazon stock? That is the question many potential investors are asking themselves today. At a glance, Amazon was started by its CEO- Jeff Bezos in the 1990s as an online bookseller. It has seen an aggressive growth ever since. During the founding period, Jeff never cared about making a lot of profit but focused intensely on customer satisfaction. That move is what makes Amazon be among the most profitable companies in the world today.


More than 20 years later, Amazon is very profitable with reported revenue of more than $200 billion yearly. Majority of Amazon sales are generated from its increasing online shopping platform which sells almost everything you can imagine. What makes Amazon so profitable and ever growing is its founder’s obsession with customer satisfaction. So this brings out the question, is it worth to invest in Amazon by buying shares? Let’s find out;


Price Performance

Shares of Amazon have skyrocketed by more than 300 percent over the last three years. Amazon as an e-commerce giant outpaces the growth of other companies such as Facebook experiences. Investors now understand that Amazon is one of the biggest and fastest growing companies in the world. The company is acquiring other companies and startups every day.


Why Buy Shares in Amazon

A couple of reasons make it worthwhile to buy shares at Amazon. First, you as an investor, you will be associating yourself with the world’s best CEO. Jeff is a founder who is continually propelling his company. He leads a huge market by giving consumers the best deals. He keeps in investing in growth opportunities and attracts the most capable talent.

Second, if you acquire Amazon shares, you will set yourself to grow through new products and acquisitions. The Amazon’s growth comes through adding and selling new products. The company sells millions of products and has acquired hundreds of companies. As a shareholder, you will be associating yourself with a company that is turning capabilities into new profit streams.

Another advantage of buying Amazon shares lies in fighting complacency. For many companies and startups, success never comes easy. Amazon never gets relaxed and complacent. The company has a different approach to success. It is always reinventing itself. It keeps on devising ways to offer better services as if it was just a startup. Amazon is continuously investing to keep up with customer demands as well as demands from competitors.

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