How to Align Distributed Marketing and Sales Teams

To create the optimal customer experience, sales and marketing teams need to be properly aligned. Companies dealing with roof replacement Fredericksburg are faced with challenges of aligning distributed teams across various regions, which are dealing with sales and marketing, to make the most from opportunities presented to them.

If your sales and marketing teams are purely remote and operate in different locations, it can be more difficult to align the teams that it would be doing the same in person.

Here are some sure tips you can follow to ensure your sales and marketing teams are well aligned.


Align your goals

The first step is to ensure your goals are aligned across the teams. It is important to ensure both teams have clearly identified and goals that are also mutually beneficial. For your marketing team, look at metrics that are focused on the quality of leads generated rather than quantity. Let the sales team commit to work on leads that marketing generates and keep track of the success of closing those leads. Continue to foster meaningful relations and meetings that allow both teams to collaborate in ensuring goals are met.


Have marketing team listen to sales calls

You should allow your marketing team to listen to sales calls or better, join slack conversations. If your team is largely remote, most of the tasks will be done via conference calls. It can be easier to integrate marketing into the sales process and enable the marketing team to occasionally listen on communication with prospects, to ensure the marketing team is delivering relevant content. When marketing teams are given the opportunity to listen to such calls, they can better understand the personal and get to know the type of content and messaging that goes between sales teams and prospects.


Promote more collaboration and team understanding

You need to create both formal and informal opportunities for marketing and sales teams to have more collaborations. When teams work together for long and with a lot of collaborations, they create mutual understanding, and tasks flow easily. You need to set clear expectations and be more transparent in dealing with teams for effective collaboration.

You can implement a couple of cross-department virtual meetings where both teams can ask questions and ensure priorities are well aligned. Additionally, ensure sales teams can have an understanding of what happens across the marketing department, as well as strategies and priorities that the marketing team has set. Doing so will also help the sales team align their priorities as well.

Include contests within teams and have other more casual events that promote bonding. If possible, introduce quarterly remote happy hour, cross-departmental bonding activities, and trivia games. Leaders of such teams need to have a genuine interest in the success and well-being of their teams. The last thing you would want is a remote team to feel isolated or unwanted.

Additionally, consider sending surveys to your sales and marketing teams to collect insightful data that can be used to enhance operations and promote more collaboration.

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