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How to Become a Smart Investor

investorSuccessful investing involves making choices that meet your today’s needs as well as your future financial goals. Whether you are saving for your retirement, home, child’s education or whichever investment, you must devise a plan to grow your money. To become a smart investor is easy. Actually, it’s easier than running a business such as Tysons Corner Tow Truck. To get on the route to success as an investor, you need first to pay costly loans such as credit card dues and personal loans. You also need to reduce your expenses so that you have some money in hand. From there, you can start the investment process.

People have different investment goals and objectives, and equally, have varying levels of taking risks. Here are simple tools and rules to make a smart investment that will secure your financial base.


Know the incomes

You need to know what kind of income comes from your different investments. Returns from investments are in the form of interests, dividends, capital gains among others. Before you commit to any investment, understand what type of income you will be expecting to receive. Ask yourself, if you are dealing with ordinary earned income such as salary or returns from portfolio investments.


Earn Money Passively

You need to find ways to earn money passively. Investing in assets is an excellent way of earning passively because it means that money can start working for you. An example is when you buy a property and put it on rent. Another example is investing in fixed income securities to get a positive cash flow or a regular income. When in doubt about what you need to do, seek help from an investment advisor who can help you handle investments in a more mature way.


Buy Assets with Positive Returns

Money marketsYou need to buy those assets that have a positive return. Financial assets such as shares and bonds can lose value and thus become liabilities. We understand that there is no investment that is risk-free, but you can make wiser investment decisions by buying assets that attract a positive return. These may include assets such as land and real estate.


Make use of opportunities

To become a smart investor, you must be ready to make use of the opportunities that come your way. A smart investor buys undervalued shares and securities in a bear market or other lucrative real estate deals in foreclosure. A bad investor enters that market when it is at its peak and locks in losses of a stock by panicking when the market experiences a slump. To become a smart investor, you must make decisions based on the fundamental principles of investment and not being controlled by emotions.


Have defined financial goals

If you have defined financial goals, it will be much easier and cheaper to achieve them. With financial goals set, you can use the right tools such as fixed income securities for short-term and equities for long-term to achieve your long-term goals. You also need to be prepared to uncertainties. You should understand how the market is, as well as the economic future direction it is taking.


Steps to Becoming a Stock Market Millionaire

stockBecoming a millionaire is something within reach of those who start it young and develop the right financial habits. Investing in the stock market is one of the ways that can put you up the ladder to becoming a stock market millionaire.  It takes less work to become a stock market millionaire than you think. The hardest part of the whole process is getting started. Suppose you have a business such as that brings you some steady income. You need to set a certain percentage of your earning all dedicated for the stock market.

If you take an hour or so of your time to lay the foundation of stock trade, you set yourself on a higher percentage of becoming a stock market millionaire and here is how;

Creating an Investing Strategy

The first thing you need is to create an investment strategy. You cannot just jump into the stock market without doing the right analysis. If you don’t have a plan to know where you’re going, chances of success will be very slim. Investors who jump right into the stock market without having an idea will never realize any true value in their portfolio. Understand why you’re investing.

Open an Account

It may be basic to say this point out, but it is essential. You need to make a solid decision to choose a good stockbroker who can help you achieve your goals faster. Understand the terms your broker will set to you as well as the minimum amount required to invest. Set out your time horizon, which determines the time it will take for your investment. Understand the amount of money you need to get started as well as your risk tolerance.


Set up Automated Transfers

stockOnce you have your account open, you need to set up a transfer that reoccurs to your account every month. All listed brokers usually allow for an ongoing transfer. To become successful in the stock market, you have to invest on a regular basis. There is no way you can spend $1 and wait for it to become $1 million. See an example; if you invest $100 every month and earns an interest of 8% annually, it can take you 53 years to become a stock millionaire. The critical point is to invest as much as you can on a regular basis.

Pick Low Investments

You can get to the millionaire status faster by picking low fee investments. Most people do not understand that they pay fees annually for their investments. You may not see the bill for it, and this is because the fee comes out of the return from the fund itself. When getting entirely into the stock market, diversification is critical.

When it comes to investing, you must realize that risks and rewards are related. The higher the returns you may want to achieve, the more the risks you’re going to face, and that is the nature of the market. To stay on the safer side, you must diversify your stock investments.  Lastly, don’t chase returns, but instead, stay invested. When you chase returns, you end up costing yourself more money through commissions and trading fees.


Best Assets You Should Invest in Today

assetsAssets that produce income are those businesses and investments that generate a constant revenue with just your minimal effort or even no effort at all. They are income producing assets as those investments that allow you to make money passively.  Many investors use assets to pay all their living expenses. With a good income producing asset, you can give yourself freedom and control to explore other areas of investment and care less about money.

When we talk about investing in assets, their levels of risk significantly differ from one asset class to the other. There are safe income producing assets that produce lower income but have a lower risk. There are also higher income producing assets that equally have a higher risk.  Let us have a close look at some of the best income producing assets you can start today;


Certificates of Deposits

A certificate of deposit commonly abbreviated as CD is a low-risk financial investment that is offered by banks. CDs work straightforwardly; you loan the bank money for a fixed amount of time, and you gain interest as agreed during this time. A typical length of time can be anywhere from three months to five years. During this period, you won’t be able to withdraw your money without the bank slashing a penalty on you. However, you are guaranteed that your money is growing at a fixed rate.



investJust like a certificate of deposits, bonds operate the same way. The only difference is that instead of lending money to the bank, you’re lending money to corporations or the government. Bonds can be classified in three main ways; there are those that are extremely stable – with these ones, you know exactly how much you will get back when you invest. There are those with a guaranteed return – In this category, you can even choose the amount you want a bond for, be it one year, three years etc. The last category is those smaller in their returns ability, especially if we compare them to other aggressive investments such as stocks.


Real Estate Investment Trusts

Abbreviated as REITs, they are like the mutual funds of real estate. REITs are a collection of properties that are operated by a company – i.e. a Trust that uses a pull of money from investors to purchase and develop real estate. If you want to get involved in real estate, REITs offer a fantastic choice especially for investors who don’t want to be subjected to all the hustles of purchasing and financing the property.


Stock Market

A stock is considered to be a risky producing asset. The earning potential of riskier investments is high, and so is stock. To make money in stocks, you’re paid dividends. These dividends may be paid by companies to its shareholders each quarter.  Other riskier investment options include property rentals, peer to peer lending and creating your own products. These products may be eBooks, online courses, podcasts, and webinars among others. Having a digital product may prove to be an effective way to make money on the move.

Little Known Secrets to Business Success

successHave you ever wondered why some entrepreneurs and businesses seem to get almost everything right and prosper, while others do not? The key to success in these businesses lies in some secrets we do not know. Entrepreneurs rarely have the chance to speak about their experiences to share tips and secrets of their business success. If you study successful entrepreneurs, there are many things you can learn from them, be it their hard work or long hours they spend trying to make things happen.

The definition of success varies from one person to another. We all need some form of motivation to propel us to the next level. Based on research and feedback given by top performing entrepreneurs, there are some vital tips on secrets to business success.


Hard work

Hard work breeds success. We all know that success is not achieved overnight. Success comes from hard work and dedication is required if you want to achieve success. Kevin Durant, a professional basketball player for the Golden State Warriors, once said, hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard. Many successful entrepreneurs share that hard work is the single greatest competitive advantage as there is no shortcut to lasting success.


Customer Satisfaction

Today’s leading companies have achieved a lot due to their efforts on customer satisfaction. Many startups fail to reach their full potential because they focus on transactions instead of building customer relationships. No company can expect to grow without putting the right amount of effort to ensure customers are satisfied. Today’s customers want to have a personalized experience.


Have a Mentor

mentorResearch shows that a high percentage of entrepreneurs, – about 93 percent attribute their success to having a mentor besides them. Mentors help in regulating and actively participating in your growth. They teach you what to do and what not to do. Look for mentors who have built companies that you admire and spoke with them to learn their secrets. Find someone who is ready to tell about their failures and sacrifices.


Have a Winning Team

Identify your primary skills and that is well talented and have skills that complement each other. You need to hire people who are good at what they do and are determined to deliver you results. The starting point for your business growth and prosperity is selecting the right people for you. Focus on building a team rather than embracing individual skills. If you hire the wrong people, no matter what you do or even the techniques you employ, the end may not be so right.

Prepare for Hard Times

As an entrepreneur, you have to understand that businesses can be unpredictable. Things can get out of control to put you in a tough situation. It can be as a result of a competitor who launches a better version of your product or just a better business idea. Whatever the situation might be, be prepared to adapt and be flexible in case things do not go according to plan. When times become tough, be ready to embrace change and act accordingly.



Is Buying Amazon Stock a Good Idea

amazon stockShould you buy Amazon stock? That is the question many potential investors are asking themselves today. At a glance, Amazon was started by its CEO- Jeff Bezos in the 1990s as an online bookseller. It has seen an aggressive growth ever since. During the founding period, Jeff never cared about making a lot of profit but focused intensely on customer satisfaction. That move is what makes Amazon be among the most profitable companies in the world today.


More than 20 years later, Amazon is very profitable with reported revenue of more than $200 billion yearly. Majority of Amazon sales are generated from its increasing online shopping platform which sells almost everything you can imagine. What makes Amazon so profitable and ever growing is its founder’s obsession with customer satisfaction. So this brings out the question, is it worth to invest in Amazon by buying shares? Let’s find out;


Price Performance

Shares of Amazon have skyrocketed by more than 300 percent over the last three years. Amazon as an e-commerce giant outpaces the growth of other companies such as Facebook experiences. Investors now understand that Amazon is one of the biggest and fastest growing companies in the world. The company is acquiring other companies and startups every day.


Why Buy Shares in Amazon

A couple of reasons make it worthwhile to buy shares at Amazon. First, you as an investor, you will be associating yourself with the world’s best CEO. Jeff is a founder who is continually propelling his company. He leads a huge market by giving consumers the best deals. He keeps in investing in growth opportunities and attracts the most capable talent.

Second, if you acquire Amazon shares, you will set yourself to grow through new products and acquisitions. The Amazon’s growth comes through adding and selling new products. The company sells millions of products and has acquired hundreds of companies. As a shareholder, you will be associating yourself with a company that is turning capabilities into new profit streams.

Another advantage of buying Amazon shares lies in fighting complacency. For many companies and startups, success never comes easy. Amazon never gets relaxed and complacent. The company has a different approach to success. It is always reinventing itself. It keeps on devising ways to offer better services as if it was just a startup. Amazon is continuously investing to keep up with customer demands as well as demands from competitors.